RANCO has been a strategic investor in the Muasher Family’s agricultural activities.

The Muasher Family has been actively involved in the agricultural sector for over 70 years, owning several farms across the nation. Over the years, the operations included growing and distributing oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits as well as potatoes mostly locally and partially regionally.

In more recent years, the group has shifted its focus to Date Farms, and in 2008, a subsidiary of the Muasher Group Farms was established under the name Generous Palms, which operates a date farm, and sells its dates and palm trees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and a few other markets.

The agricultural operations of the group have maintained their humble size and operational outcome, mostly due to maintaining a legacy of the Muasher Family elders, some of whom started off as farmers in the early 1920’s.

As of 2016, The Generous Palms’ farm is being Managed by Medjool Village, a larger operator of date farms in Jordan. Through efficient technologies that are less water intensive and more ideal for the varying climatic conditions of the Jordan Valley, as well as being part of a larger group, the farm is yielding a higher quality produce.

The Generous Palms: Agricultural Investment